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self-employed as a design studio
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The synergy of graphic design and motion pictures under one roof as an autonomous design studio in Berlin from 2008 to 2011.

Amy Weber music video styleframes

Just Hunger: digital campaigns for an upcoming food delivery start-up

When Stefanie Paul and I started end of 2008 to build up the design studio called einscommanull, it was Just Hunger as a brand of Community Creation and YourSL, today Salesforce, that was our first project. The internet platform was considered as a community for food enthusiasts, not only for ordering food, but also to connect with each other and interact in real life. A social food network. By a clear UI within website and app a well-arranged, quickly graspable overview was provided to the users and a lot of content included recommendations for restaurants, recipes and extraordinary dishes. Awareness was created by three different created personas, the target group itself, that was shown in web commercials. By them the campaign was activated and showed in a humorous way the possibilities of the platform.

Just Hunger branding and UI design

Just Hunger
Just Hunger

Activated by web videos that showed the product to the target group in details.

Just Hunger clip - Justin

3D motion graphics as a key visual for Porsche's event communication in 2011.


Coops with partners from Dubai to L.A.

Until the beginning of 2011 we worked as einscommanull together with agencies like Grey in Beirut and Razorfish, initiated various film projects with the Fantastic Film Factory in Cairo as well as Spot On Media in Los Angeles and were of course in cooperation also on site in Berlin with agencies and studios like United Visions and OMStudios. In the same way, however, we also had a direct collaboration with our clients, such as companies in Dubai, in Ireland and the UK. At the end of 2010, the collaboration for the event communication of Porsche AG began via the architectural exhibition studio AMT in the area of Stuttgart.

Emporio Armani ad campaign

All around branding, visual identities, ads and architectural visualization clips, web & TV commercials, music videos, corporate films or broadcast design.

Amy Weber music video styleframes

Trying out new things in an art context as a pre-phase for further commercial work

As independent creatives, we were free in our way how to execute projects. For this reason we used cooperations with foundations or cultural institutions to find new visual trends, new methods of image generation and try out upcoming technologies in the context of art exhibitions. Whether together with Theodor Heuss Foundation in Stuttgart or the Marta Herford Museum for contemporary art. From photography up to media staging. In this way we could explore stereoscopy, 3D sound, progressive image resolutions and the possibilities of real-time visualization in a free artistic context in order to use it later in other projects.

The Squaring of the circle

Experiments as a playground: exceptional art installations with a strong technological connection.

Mo Picture
Mo Picture

Graphic design as the most essential basis of our commercial work

The recognition value is important for everything. For a brand, a product or a campaign. Whether as a logo or as a key visual. What applies in print should also work in moving images and in interactive media. Especially when all kinds of media come together. We as einscommanull noticed this added value in our work quickly and so we were able to offer holistic solutions based on our skills. What has worked as a still image could be translated into motion. Assuming, of course, that it was thought from the beginning on. One more reason to work closely together. And then the transfer to interactive media is then only a small step.

Languages matter

In close collaboration with Stefanie Paul being able to create all facets of brand communication, from identities to specific media.

Amy Weber music video styleframes